PSA Kinda Maybe Coming to US with the DS Brand

PSA has had it rough as of late, but they want to reach profitability, and part of that is acknowledging the US is a pretty large market. Apparently, they want to start selling here by the turn of the next decade, with the new DS sub-brand as the spearhead for potentially Peugeot's and Citroen's return. » 10/05/14 8:27pm 10/05/14 8:27pm

I don't like painting with such a broad stroke. New cars have the peace of mind that there is nothing nasty hidden in their history and should work reliably up to a point. (We can get into bad eggs, bathtub curves, and build quality if you want, but it is generally true that for two identical cars, one new one used,… » 10/03/14 1:41pm 10/03/14 1:41pm

"Too close in size" means "we'll lose F-150 sales to the lower-profit Ranger and possibly lose the 'Best Selling Truck' label even though we earn the title by combining everything into an 'F-Series' and claiming the sales win but we can't rename the Ranger to F-100 to keep the title because then Ranger fans will… » 10/02/14 10:20pm 10/02/14 10:20pm

My custom ordered car came with 10. Others on the lot had 70 and a notice in the glove compartment that they had been randomly selected after assembly for controlled weather testing for quality assurance purposes. My girlfriend's car had just under 1,000 miles on it from test drives and being shuffled around the lot. » 10/01/14 11:53am 10/01/14 11:53am

How they'll do it is likely how Mercedes does its S-Class SplitView feature. It's illegal in PA, so S-Classes sold here are programmed to disable the feature. The owner's manual tells owners in PA (and other states where it's illegal) to head to a dealer and have the programming done. It can be reprogrammed if it is… » 9/25/14 7:19pm 9/25/14 7:19pm

I'm split between an Extended cab 2WD or a Crew Cab (short box) 4WD, both of them LTs with options ranging from $30k to about $34k. The Extended cab would win if I use it more for hauling home improvement projects and the Crew Cab would win if I use it to take friends out for some camping/kayaking/outdoorsing. » 9/06/14 7:05pm 9/06/14 7:05pm

I didn't much care for high school, so I was just like you; the only parties I attended were for the small circle of friends I made and myself. Nothing big, nothing popular. It's far from the worst, though, because that's what I wanted. I was well-liked enough that I got along with almost anyone, yet obscure enough… » 9/05/14 7:25am 9/05/14 7:25am